Name: Lynn Sukyoon Hong

Medium(s): graphic design, typography, motion graphics, video editing

Location: Los Angeles / Seoul


Where is a place where you like to create?

Spaces where I have created structure and systems of my own out of chaos


When do you feel most creative?

While procrastinating work on another project with overlapping deadlines


What is something people overlook in culture today?

Vulnerability and compassion


What is something you would like to change?

Instances where vulnerability is feigned and compassion is met with manipulation


Where is home for you?  

A mental space where I fully embrace the present, or the “now.”


Is home creative or oppressive?



What is the most important thing to you right “now”?

The balance of structure and flexibility


What do you see coming in the future?

A continuation, each time a little bit better


What makes you feel love?

Moments of perfect alignment


What makes you nostalgic?



What projects are you working on for the future?

Typographic project based on Korean idioms. There’s some weird ones like “A rice cake in a painting” (something that is unattainable). Day-today, I’d like to continue video editing a lot - part of my obsession with creating systems and structure.


Are politics an important artistic consideration for you?

Although the politics of feminism, racial equality, and LGBTQ rights in particular have major personal significance, I do not tend to incorporate politics into my artwork.


Do you believe in genius?

Only ones that work their asses off


Are ideas internally or externally received, that is, do you feel in control of your own ideas?

Often externally received. Over time, I’ve discovered that I work best as a puzzle-solver -- being presented with raw material that I organize, sculpt, and polish.


What inspires you?

Beauty in the morbid and the mutilated


Last book read: Lying, a Metaphorical Memoir  - Lauren Slater


Last film seen: Call Me By Your Name


Current soundtrack: SSION - “Comeback”