Name: Michael Coe

Medium(s): Conceptual art, writing, performance, visual, audio

Location: Los Angeles


Where is a place where you like to create?

Bedroom, car, anywhere dark and private.


When do you feel most creative?

When I’m stressed or relaxed.


What is something people overlook in culture today?

How easy it is to make and distribute art.


What is something you would like to change?

I’d like for people to experiment more.


Where is home for you?

New England.


Is home creative or oppressive?

The suburbs are the most creative place I know.


What is the most important thing to you right “now”?

That you enjoy this nice little art gallery :)


What do you see coming in the future?

More work.


What makes you feel love?

I actually believe in romantic love, so there’s that. I love art. Displays of independence and emotional honesty make me love people. Also the classics: family, friends, etc. Nature.


What makes you nostalgic?

Cloudy days, forests, big empty parking lots, music.


What projects are you working on for the future?

I’m working on more writing, more multimedia work, and a short. Count the Clock has a philosophy about constantly working and we don’t take it lightly.


Are politics an important artistic consideration for you?

I don’t believe in telling people what to do, so not really. But yes in the sense that I have morals.


Do you believe in genius?

Yes, and we all have it.


Are ideas internally or externally received, that is, do you feel in control of your own ideas?

Externally received, in the sense that I believe in inspiration.


What inspires you?

If reincarnation exists, it’s nice to imagine that the art you create in this lifetime might benefit you somehow in the next. In more immediate terms, I actually like to think about people I know, even we aren’t really friends, and imagine what they would like if they stumbled across something.


Last book read: Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson


Last film seen: Power Rangers


Current soundtrack:

I am in love with the new music by Sunflower Bean and I think that Julia Cummings has the voice of an angel. I’ve been playing “Ride it On” by Mazzy Star on repeat. I am very late to “Sky Walker” by Miguel but I love that song.


Some additional media I am currently into that I would recommend to others:

A Child Again (radio)

Toshiaki Kato (visual art)

Friendly Anarchism (podcast)