Name: Catherine Yang

Medium(s): Electronic music

Location: Evanston, IL


Where is a place where you like to create?

My room.


When do you feel most creative?

When I’m distracted.


What is something people overlook in culture today?

Why the shape of cars went from square to curved. 


What is something you would like to change? 

The load-bearing capability of shelving units.


Where is home for you?

Where I spend most of my time. 


Is home creative or oppressive? 



What is the most important thing to you right “now”? 

Those I care about.


What do you see coming in the future? 

Lots more music.


What makes you feel love?

Hearing the key in the door. 


What makes you nostalgic? 

Everything I used to dream about.


What projects are you working on for the future?

I’m producing Chicago-based drag queen Soju’s debut EP, set for release in May. I have a music video I’m planning on filming and several more I’m going to release. I have a million albums I want to write. I’m getting really good at baking cookies. 


Are politics an important artistic consideration for you? 



Do you believe in genius? 



Are ideas internally or externally received, that is, do you feel in control of your own ideas? 

Sometimes, and sometimes not.


What inspires you? 

The wind on a sunny, cold Spring day.


Last book read: 猫と庄造と二人の女 (Neko to Shozo to Futari no Onna)


Last film seen: Double Indemnity


Current soundtrack: Masseduction by St. Vincent