Name: Steven Lafferty

Medium(s): Primarily digital, otherwise any means of sketching/drawing Location: Nashville, TN


Where is a place where you like to create?

I really don’t have one specific place.


When do you feel most creative?

Driving to work or falling asleep at night.


What is something people overlook in culture today?

Irrational fears, and how they permeate your decision making adversely.


What is something you would like to change?

My trepidation in regards to any form of relationship.


Where is home for you?

In the past.


Is home creative or oppressive?

Potentially both and unfortunately it’s more contingent with how I’m feeling overall.


What is the most important thing to you right “now”?

Finding a way to engage more socially/ professionally.


What do you see coming in the future?

I don’t think much will change really, I do believe there will be another tragic national event within 10 years.


What makes you feel love?

The love I want is extremely unhealthy, but I can’t find another type that isn’t self destructive.


What makes you nostalgic?

Music and scents.


What projects are you working on for the future?

A book including interview, images, photos, instances, and globally recognized instances of folie a deux. It fascinates me.


Are politics an important artistic consideration for you?



Do you believe in genius?

I do, child prodigies astound me.


Are ideas internally or externally received, that is, do you feel in control of your own ideas?

I think a part of myself clings to any idea, I worry that I forget more projects I want to work on that outline them.


What inspires you?

Horror, strong contrast in themes, minimal design, taboo subjects.


Last book read: A collection of fairytales by The Brother’s Grimm.


Last film seen: The Strangers: Prey At Night and Absentia (this also being one my favorite films)


Current soundtrack: 1. Peek-A-Boo by Red Velvet 2. I Was All Over Her bey Salvia Palth 3. What U Got by Namasenda 4. Reverie by Arca 5. Trumpeting Ecstasy by Full Of Hell