Name: Zach Lorkiewicz

Medium(s): video / visual arts

Location: Los Angeles 


Where is a place where you like to create?



When do you feel most creative?

Early in the morning 


What is something people overlook in culture today?

The amount of information we have access to // young people. 


What is something you would like to change?

How people consume media


Where is home for you? 

Wherever my family and friends are


Is home creative or oppressive?



What is the most important thing to you right “now”?

Learning as much as I can and changing  


What do you see coming in the future?

Big changes in my life


What makes you feel love?

Memories of my childhood  


What makes you nostalgic?

Horror movies


What projects are you working on for the future?

A lot, but I’m most excited about a horror virtual reality project Count the Clock is finishing   


Are politics an important artistic consideration for you?



Do you believe in genius?



Are ideas internally or externally received, that is, do you feel in control of your own ideas?

I think you can find a stream of ideas when you realize what inspires you, but the ideas themselves usually come unconsciously. 


What inspires you?

Strong individuality 


Last book read: The Bell Jar


Last film seen: The Witch


Current soundtrack: ? by xxxtentacion